Recommendation: Solving trailer loading problems

by | Dec 14, 2022

Things don't always work out as you'd like. You shouldn't wrestle with horse problems alone. Help is available. ūüėäūüôŹHere is a story from one of my customers about the loading training.

"We went to the shows a few times in the summer of 2020. We always set aside several hours for loading, because the horse had old traumas from going into the trailer. Samu was extremely nervous when he saw the trailer. He panicked, and the otherwise kind and gentle gelding was even dangerous in the loading situation, it pawned at us, tried to kick, rushed off.

With the strength of several people, we tried everything to find the means to load, without success. Our last show trip in a foreign place ended with a 3-hour loading battle in the pouring rain. There were more helpers on the spot again. Samu was nervous, and it seemed impossible to get the horse into the trailer. He even fell down when loading onto the bridge.

In the end, the horse was so exhausted from the fight that he gave up the fight and he was brought home from the trip in a stall. That's when we decided that we won't go anywhere until loading is safe and meaningful for horse and human. We called in Mervi for help.

We thought that the loading training would be a very challenging and long operation. After all, several of us had already thought on several occasions that we did everything we could. However, the horse was inside the trailer for the first time after 10 minutes of Mervi's training.

In the video, you see the situation now that Mervi has visited us for 2 training times.

For us, getting this horse in the trailer was a distant dream. I haven't even dreamed of sending him in to the trailer. Thanks to Mervi, Samu is now loaded and sent in completely relaxed, and the loading situation really is safe and meaningful for both horse and us. In addition to loading, we have learned to understand our horse much better, and have received many tools for other work from the ground as well. All expectations have been greatly exceeded.

Thank you Mervi Pakola for the priceless help and horse-oriented, gentle and sturdy training! If I had to write a comprehensive user manual for a horse, I would entrust the task to you. ūüėä"

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