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Mervi Pakola Horse Academy’s online courses!

Our courses have become so popular that they already have been attended by participants all over Finland. And consequently, we decided to also offer online courses in order to make it easier for those farther away to participate. If you already have attended our live courses you can redo the classes with our online courses.

Now our online courses will become international! After receiving tremendously good feedback from the courses and great results from the course participants and their horses, the idea of spreading this knowledge even wider came up. And this is how Mervi Pakola Horse Academy was founded.

Our online course ”Speak Horse with Mervi 1” is aimed at anyone interested in creating a good solid relationship with their horse, understanding and teaching the horse good manners or new things in different situations.

During the online course ”Speak Horse with Mervi 1” participants will have access to a closed Facebook group where they can ask questions and get support from Mervi regarding this course. Also interacting with fellow students from around the world is possible! Being able to ask for advice and help on how to work with your own horse and reflect is a great advantage when training horses at home. The online course allows you to return to the course assignments at any time.

The online course ”Speak Horse with Mervi 1” includes simple, easy and very useful handling exercises that we ourselves a the Academy use daily when handling and training horses. The goal of these exercises is to create a good relationship with the horse and to teach the horse good manners. We use these exercises to correct behavioral problems that may occur during training.  They are used to correct already existing behavioral problems and to prevent them.

Having a relaxed horse is one of the most important things when handling and training horses. In our ”Speak Horse with Mervi 1” online course, you will also learn what things to consider in order to train a horse into a relaxed and calm partner – so that he wants to do things with you.

Our courses include illustrative hands-on exercises with horses as well as a theory part on How to Train a Horse. Training a horse is easy when there are clear and simple instructions on the what, how and why. Indeed, our courses have received much praise for their clarity and easy to follow guidelines.

Our Finnish Online Store also has online courses on other topics of horse training. It is a good idea to start with ground work courses like ”Speak Horse with Mervi 1”, as they serve as the basis for training a horse. More is yet to come!


What you need to participate

All you need is an internet connection and access to our online course platform where you can watch the videos. This way you can also watch the videos on your mobile phone during training sessions. Of course, a horse that you can train with will help you to master the exercises. In ground work courses, a rope halter and a training rope are also an advantage but they are not essential.

How long can you study for

Course materials are available for a minimum of a year, that way that you will have plenty of time to revisit and to redo the assignments on the course platform when needed.

How to get aboard

From the “Shop” button at the top of the page, you can access our online store. From there, choose the online course that you are interested. Welcome aboard!

If you have already purchased your own courses, you can find them under “My Courses”.


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