Mervi Pakola

Horse trainer, riding coach, horse masseur, animal trainer


My name is Mervi Pakola. I’m a Finnish horse lady who loves horses and wants to spread knowledge to help you and your horse to understand and communicate better. I have learned natural horsemanship, learning theory of horses, Centered Riding, horse biomechanics and horse wellness to name a few things from a wide variety of studies about horses. I am a horse trainer, horse masseur and Centered Riding instructor  (level1). I have also competed both in western riding and dressage.

Mostly I help people with problems with horses. What makes my way unique is, that I have combined best parts of natural horsemanship and science behind horse training to a effective way to teach horses. I have also studied and learned from horses a lot about reading horses pain which I think is the most common reason for bigger behavioral problems with horses.

My biggest passion is to help horse people to understand their horses and to help with different kind of problems with horses. I know nothing better than to hear how horse has changed his behavior for a much better one and how life with that horse has become so much easier or how I’ve managed to help to find pain that was causing problem behavior. I like to help both, you and your horse. Another wonderful thing is seeing horse change his behavior and starting to trust me and relax with me.

My goal with ground work exercises is to teach good manners and create a good relationship with horses. Trust, respect and communication are really important things to me when I’m with horses. I want them to know what I ask them and to be able to do things relaxed and easy with me. These things are very useful for all persons who deal with horses and they might change your ordinary life with horses a lot! It should get safer, easier, unstressed and more problem-free. When some problems arise, you will know what to do, so they won’t grow bigger and you can teach them to go away again. You should learn these things as a part of your ordinary life with horses.

Speak Horse with Mervi is an online course to every horse person who wants to understand their horses better, teach them good behavior and avoid unwanted behavior. It’s your help to your everyday life with horses. You will find that from our online store.


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Fighter Physical Training Instructor (Spartan Gear 2015)

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Personal Trainer (Trainer4You/EHFA 2013)

Gym trainer (Trainer4You 2013)

Well-being trainer (Trainer4You 2013)

Kickboxing instructor (Finnish Kickboxing Association 2013)

Mark Shaffer Mechanics N Motion training since approx. 2011-2017

SRL coach training level II western riding part (SRL)

SRL Riding coach training I level ( SRL 2011)

Fundamentals of Educational Sciences (University of Jyväskylä 2011)

Various courses and lectures on horse behavior sciences, natural horsemanship and training (2005-2017, among others Tuire Kaimio, Jenni Hakosalo, Piet Nibbelink, Ed Dabney, Katja Vanhatalo, Kari Vepsä, Leena Kurikka, Meeri Simula, Mia Jurvala)

Bachelor of Engineering (AMK 2008)