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Would you like to change your everyday life with horses to a safer, easier, unstressed and problem-free horse life?

This course is for people who like to know how to communicate with their horses and make their horse life easy for both, horse and you.



When natural horsemanship and science behind horse training meet, you get effective and horse friendly way to teach horses.

My name is Mervi Pakola. I’m your teacher in this course. I’m a Finnish horse lady who loves horses and wants to spread knowledge to help you and your horse to understand and communicate better. I have learned natural horsemanship, learning theory of horses, Centered Riding, horse biomechanics and horse wellness to name a few things from a wide variety of studies about horses. I am a horse trainer, horse masseur and Centered Riding instructor  (level1). I have also competed both in western riding and dressage. Mostly I help people with problems with horses. What makes my way unique is, that I have combined best parts of natural horsemanship and science behind horse training to a effective way to teach horses. I have also studied and learned from horses a lot about reading horses pain which I think is the most common reason for bigger behavioral problems with horses.

Speak Horse with Mervi is an online course to every horse person who wants to understand their horses better, teach them good behavior and avoid unwanted behavior. It’s your help to your everyday life with horses.

This course is going to represent theory knowledge and practical exercises to work with horses. This course will include exercises which I am using on a daily basis and which I use to correct problem behavior of a horse on the leash. These are easy and simple exercises which can be used by anyone who is spending time with horses. Exercises are aiming to teach horse good behavior and create a relationship with a horse with respect, trust and communication from both sides.

With these exercises you will get help at least in these challenges with horses:

  • Not focusing on you and the things you are asking
  • tensing up
  • restlessness
  • focusing on the surrounding environment
  • lack of respect
  • walking all over people (you have to get out of the way some how, just a little or more)
  • bad leading behavior
  • barging
  • rearing when lead
  • walking too fast or not waiting for you when lead
  • standing still in different situations

You will learn at least these things:

  • How to teach your horse to behave when lead and in some other situations in your ordinary life
  • How you should teach a horse so you can get him or her to relax and focus on you and the things that you are asking him
  • How you can use this exercises to create a good relationship with your horse. Relationship where your horse respects and trusts you
  • How to teach your horse new things
  • What are the differences between teaching a sensitive and not so sensitive horse (I sometimes call them lazy)
  • Teach your horse different exercises in a lead rope
  • Teach your horse to respect your own space
  • Teach your horse to follow you with a loose lead rope and even without tack
  • What is pressure and how do you use it in horse training
  • How to teach your horse to stand still relaxed

My goal with these exercises is to teach good manners and create a good relationship with horses. Trust, respect and communication are really important things to me when I’m with horses. I want them to know what I ask them and to be able to do things relaxed and easy with me. These things are very useful for all persons who deal with horses and they might change your ordinary life with horses a lot! It should get safer, easier, unstressed and more problem-free. When some problems arise, you will know what to do, so they won’t grow bigger and you can teach them to go away again. You should learn these things as a part of your ordinary life with horses.

If you want to learn more, we are also planning to translate our Speak horse with Mervi level 2.